I am not Black I am Hispanic?

I don’t have to do a lot of research to know that the media, this government, America does not represent me.  I don’t hear them talk about me. I don’t see anyone that looks and sounds like me on American television, especially Hispanic American television.  If I hear someone speak about a Black Hispanic is usually about crime and the occasional baseball player.  In every day American life it is uncomfortable when White America gives me preferential treatment once they realize I am Hispanic and not ”African American”.   However,  I have a serious problem with Hispanic Americans acting dumb and completely dismiss black Hispanics as if they do not  exist when they had a least an uncle or a neighbor that was black in their home country.
The Caribbean, West Indian, Dominican, Latina,  Hispanic, all these will work but don’t dare call a Hispanic of the darker persuasion Black or African American that is a sin.  There is no denying there is racism in this country against Blacks and Hispanics.   However,  little is mentioned about the Latino-Black feud and even less about Latinos’ racism against their own which has been dragged from their home country and magnified here in the United States of America. 
The favoritism shown to me after someone hears me speak Spanish when a minute before I was ignored and perceived as African American is a disgust.  The pictures of our Black-Hispanic family members that never hang on the walls of the ‘white’-Hispanic family members and they don’t even notice they do it?.  Disgusting!  Shameful!
How can we Hispanics/Latinos fight for equal treatment or equal justice from White America when the racism and self hatred that has been dragged to America has not been dealt with amongst our own? 

3 thoughts on “I am not Black I am Hispanic?

  1. I agree 100%. This subject is the “pink elephant” in the room as they say. I am a black american female living in a small town in Arizona and I experience racial discrimination from Hispanics(Mexicans) and Whites almost everyday. I am suspected of being a thief. When the majority of theft is committed by Whites or Mexicans. I am constantly “eyed it” if I wear my hair in its natural state. Its seems to effect me a lot because I am a honey complexion and have been mistaken for Hispanic. I think they believe I should pretend to be even though I am proud of my African ancestry and would never want to pass as Mexican, even if I could speak Spanish.

    • I completely understand. I am “brown skinned” and Mexicans in Georgia think i’m black american despite me speaking spanish to them. smh

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